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cannot hear other user sound, they cannot hear me.


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got a mumble server running in a digital ocean droplet.

I can hear me, but I can't hear others. They can hear themselves but they cannot hear me.

Been trouble shooting with


So on local loop back I can hear me on different concurrent physical machine, (i.e hear self on each machine)

On server loop back I can hear self on each physical machine. The sound is getting to the server from both sides but not being sent out. both users are appearing on each other's mumble window as in the same channel.

where do I need to be looking?

gone through the sound wizard on both physical machines many times, sure it is working.

Thanks again

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If server loopback works on both ends I would say it has to be a permission issue. Your users probably are denied to speak. I presume their lights do not light up for each other.

Are they muted, or deafened? Did you change the ACL speak permission?

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