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Sound only coming from one Earphone


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Hello there, I recently downloaded and tried this program with a few friends, and I really like it but I'm afraid to see a problem has arisen.

I can only hear their microphones (and the software's talking) from my Headphone's right ear (they are a Logitech G35 set), this is making it quite hard to use the program efficently.

If anyone has any solutions please do let me know, thank you for reading :)

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i seem to be having this problem as well, and the fix above is not working for me

i've searched around and it seems the headphones have the same problem with skype and TS3- the fix being to run the program in windows xp compatibility mode

however, running it in XP compatibility mode makes mumble lag for me on occasion and sometimes my mic will randomly stop working making me need to restart mumble


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