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Cannot turn off background noise cancellation - need to hear weak signals


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Mumble is quite popular for providing low latency VOIP audio for connecting audio remotely to amateur (ham) radio stations. One problem - it seems impossible to turn off background noise cancellation. Unlike typical gamer, conference call user, where you WANT to drop out background noise, we value digging weak, distant signals out of the background static. Even with noise suppression turned off, you can immediately notice that Mumble tries to cancel out background static. The signal starts loud, as desired, then fades. Is there any way, either by setting, or programmatically, to turn off noise cancellation? Mumble is used to help provide amateur radio operators remote access their radios from cell phones or remote PC's - all for good, in my case, to help keep my elderly dad on the air, others for emergency access to their base radios, etc. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated by the community. Thanks, Steve

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