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What does it require of hardware & network to setup a server with 3000 users ?


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We are a group of paintballers that have been using Mumble with awesome success as teamspeak, but we have been using it with small amount of users <20 spread out over small local installations.

What we would like was to setup a dedicated server that would be able to handle 3000 users ( the whole of our online community ), that ofcourse would be split into groups, but these groups could be for international games be up to 150-200 at a time.

The special thing is that this is to run over TCP ( mobile phones mostly ) there is no LAN for UDP broadcast so i am thinking it would require something of the server to be able to handle all the transmissions between so many users and something of the network load it should be able to handle ?

Anyone got any idea how this could be done if the goal is to have 1 server and not alot of different servers ?

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The FAQ has some information although I wonder if the numbers are still correct today.

The client has settings that determine the bitrate it sends. You can see it in the settings dialog, and how quality and audio per packet influences it.

This setting can be capped server side with the bandwidth setting to reduce the used bitrate https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/Murmur.ini#bandwidth

To get an idea you can multiply parallel speaking users with the max bandwidth.

The server does not do a lot of processing. It routes the network packets. Although this means it does not require a lot, it still does.

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