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run murmur on port 443 in ubuntu 20.04


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yes i know 443 is for https normaly. Thing is we want to use murmur as a conference solution and some client have a somwhat overkill firewall (everything outgoing except 443 is blocked).

So we want to get them going on murmur/mumble anyway.

Is there a way i can "unprotect" prot 443? because murmurd always (rightfully one might say) that 443 is protected and does not boot up.

Any suggestions what i can do?

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Mumble is not allowed to use 443?


<W>2021-08-10 01:08:36.602 Murmur 1.3.3 (1.3.4-1~ppa2~xenial1) running on X11: Ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS: Booting servers
<W>2021-08-10 01:08:36.619 1 => Server: TCP Listen on failed: The address is protected
<W>2021-08-10 01:08:36.652 1 => Stopped

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I believe this may be a Linux restriction, to ensure the critical low standard ports are not accessible to just any system user account. I believe root can bind to it, so a bind and then lower to a different user works.

I think I remember the default package init script doing this.

How do you start the Mumble server?

See also https://superuser.com/a/892391

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