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Different MSI product codes after installation of version 1.3.0


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we distribute mumble in our organization and using SCCM to deploy it. we deploy mumble 1.3.0 x64 on windows 10 x64.

Now i have seen a strange thing:

most devices detects it as installed and it was installed but on some it was not detected as installed but was installed

my detection (installed or not) relies on msi product code and i have seen two different msi codes:

{6011D53E-52D0-49DC-B40F-1C9579523D29} -- i found on several devices

{DA146CE9-6370-4F8A-8336-1EE3E967A7A5} -- i found on only one so far

i have never seen this behaviour before on any other product.

Tested also version 1.3.3 but with same results == two different product codes for the msi installation file on the same but different test devices --> WTF?

if i open MSI with insted or orca i only found one product code -> {DA146CE9-6370-4F8A-8336-1EE3E967A7A5}

Have i lost my brain during these times or should i take my pills again?

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Maybe one is the 32-bit and the other the 64-bit installer?

Windows File Explorer File properties on it only shows a revision number guid.

In our wixproj there is only a project id. https://github.com/mumble-voip/mumble/blob/1.3.3/installer/MumbleInstall.wixproj#L12

Not sure how that relates to it.

We only changed the code signing certificate some time ago. But I am not aware of any ID changes towards or within 1.3.

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