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A way to connect a game to the server


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Not really sure if this is a good forum for this question.

I have a Java game and I am looking for the easiest way of connecting it as a client to the server. There is something known as MumbleLink, yet it seems to be somehow tied to Minecraft. Then there is a wiki with the Mumble protocol description at https://mumble-protocol.readthedocs.io/en/latest/overview.html. Is it current? There are dates like 2012 in the wiki. Also, the protocol seems to be low-level. I would rather use its client implemenation.

Then, there is the official mumble client. But all I want is some thin API/glue to connect to the server, not a whole client. Then, there is a Java client. But again, it is the whole client, only for Android and with commits from years ago.

There is also libmumble but with the latest commit from 2014. It does not compile:

$ ./test.bash 
./test.bash: line 30: ./3rdparty/gyp/gyp: No such file or directory


There is also mumlib with several forks, no idea which works and is the most current.

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