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Potential memory/cpu load issue


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First up, I have no error logs or anything of any use for backing up this problem, but I figured I would post about it anyway - just in case someone else has a similar issue.

Hardware/Software setup

Running client 1.2.2 on a Vista machine for use with World of Warcraft.

MSI GT735 Laptop

Also running concurrently: Opera internet browser 10.62, AVG Antivirus

Description of problem

Computer has been running for >2 days uninterrupted with Mumble running non-stop. Have logged in and out of World of Warcraft many times, and alt-tabbed to Opera a few times during that time. Also during that period, VLC media player was run a few times. After some time, World of Warcraft was experiencing some very distinct graphical lag, and I first suspected there was an overheating problem. After taking steps to ensure the heat sinks were cool and installing a motherboard/cpu temperature monitor, I was satisfied that temperature was not the culprit. I then suspected malware activity, and after doing various scans and shutting down suspect services/applications, the problem persisted. In fact, sluggishness was becoming quite apparent even doing basic activities. Eventually, I noticed that under the Processes tab of Windows Task Manager, Mumble was still there and using >20% of one of my processor cores, spiking to 100% at random. The Mumble icon was no longer visible by the clock (it had been earlier, but vanished some time during my sleuthing). After killing the Mumble process, all sluggishness disappeared.

I realize this doesn't necessarily help find a specific problem to be fixed, but I thought perhaps someone would be interested in this development. I will endeavor to pay close attention in the future to any problems similar to this one, and hopefully capture some debugging info that will be of assistance.


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