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Xbox Series X Wireless Controller Issues


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I am having issues w/ my xbox controller using as a push-to-talk key.


When setting up push to talk, I have the button correctly assigned as the controller is connected via bluetooth to windows 10.

The XINPUT button is assigned and will work as long as mumble is my active application. 


However, if i click somewhere out of mumble (i.e. in-game or chrome, etc.) then the button will not register and push-to-talk does not work.



Some troubleshooting I did: I connected the controller via USB directly to the PC and reconfigured a push-to-talk hot key, which shows up as 'XBOX1:Left Thumb'.

Having my controller set up this way will allow me to activate my push-to-talk hot key at all times, not just when mumble application/window is active.


Still not able to figure out a solution for using the hotkey at all times when connecting the xbox controller through wireless bluetooth. Have updates on all up-to-date: xbox controller firmware, windows 10 and newest mumble build.


Anyone have a solution/suggestion?


Thanks all!


Kind Regards,


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