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Music in Mumble?


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Greetings, Me and my friends who often sit in mumble and messing around, We wonder if there is anyay to kinda stream music over mumble whenever we want? we thought about one of us could have an extra user, so one guy have 2 uses in the same channel, but one that he aint using, that one plays music whenever we want, Is that possible?

If not, How can I as a single user stream music easly?

Say for instance we are playing a game, and suddenly I feel like stream a short music clip in the middle of it all! I understand that I cant talk at the same time, I fully understand that I cannot talk at the very same time I stream the music.

I hope you guys understand my questions here, Would be great to get some nice answers!

Kind regards


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You could use some app/driver that provides an input device for your needs. Mumble just uses the input device you selected.

In default windows with a standard soundcard you’d have to change your input (in windows) from mic to output.

Note though Mumble and it’s codecs (speex, the filters) are optimized for speech, not music. So the music may not be of best quality.

I’d advice you to use Icecast or Shoutcast; but if you just wanna randomly play some sounds / music (and as it’s a separate stream), it’s probably not what you want.

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Greetings, Thanks for the answer!

I am using Windows 7.

I have a ASUS Xonar DS sound card and Razer Megalodon Headset.

I tried to set input as output but never found anything, and I'm trying to get my head around it but with no sucess at all :S All confused now.

My motherboard has an inbuilt soundcard aswell, so basicly I have two.

I would not mind having 2 users in mumble, one that is me talking and all stuff, and the other one just being idle untill I tell it to play a music file or so, Would this be possible to arrange on one computer?

I have another computer I could launch it on if that is needed, But still I need to know how to set it up :(

Sorry for all those questions, But I am very new and unexperienced when it comes to sound management.

What do? :(

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I tried to set input as output

The other way around!

You could launch Mumble a second time with the -m command line parameter (unsupported) and then select the other sound card as the input device.

If you plan on regularly using it it would probably even better duplicating your mumble files and running at least one in portable mode (mumble.ini in the install dir so settings are saved in there), so you don't have to always change settings again.

With the second sound card you could simply select your stereo mix as input, and have some media player output to that soundcard.

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