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How to create multiple virtual servers for the same channels


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I'm new to mumble / murmur server, we are evaluating it but our requirement need to have hundreds of users within the same channels and can communicate together, so I was looking for the possibility of horizontally scale murmur server with multiple instances with load balancing while clients see and use it as one server / host?
Is that possible and if yes how can I do it?
Documentation says something about virtual servers but not clear how to do it and if it is for the same channels

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If everyone has to be able to speak to everyone else, then everyone has to be on the same server. Otherwise this won't work.


And as far as I know the server does also not have any load-balancing capabilities in general.


Note however that I know of e.g. EVE Online servers that are serving >1000 users at the same time without problems. So the server can handle it without issues. You need a hardware that is powerful enough (and most importantly: has the necessary bandwidth connection) though.


EDIT: Virtual servers is for running multiple server instances from the same hardware without having to launch multiple server processes. So you can server multiple different servers (virtual servers) from the same server process on the same hardware. That is unrelated to load-balancing though.

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