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Sounds getting super super high volume


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I'm using mumble for quite few years now, no big problems until now.


Since a few weeks i got a strange bug occuring from time to time (a few times a day to half of sentences i hear) : the sounds start to get higher and higher until the talking person(s) stops. Like maximum volum and distorded like too much volume would do.


I didn't change anything remarquable recently, i just know there was some windows 10 updates not long ago.


Problem started on mumble 1.3.3 and persists with 1.3.4

Windows 10 v20H2

Headset : Seinheiser PC 373D (main audio, pluged in USB)

Some crap basic logitech speakers (didn't try yet to send mumble on them to see if it has the same issue, will do).


I can't find something approchaing my bugs on google, i don't see what i could update reinstall again...


It's just annoying as my headset doesn't provide very high volume it wont hurt me. Just wondering if someone as a clue about that specific bug.


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