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Hello! I recently tested out Mumble with my friends and we've decided that we really like it a lot more than our old favorite, Ventrilo.

However, when starting out, there were many problems with how we sounded to one another. Loud popping and clicking, sound randomly cutting out, and robot voices. I think if we didn't have somebody to explain how to work the settings and fix these problems, we would've jumped right back into Ventrilo, which would have been a shame.

I'm not a programmer so I don't know exactly what's possible, but it seems like it'd be awesome if there was an option to automate some of the settings, in the same way that the AGC automates voice volume.

Maybe like this (correct me if I'm wrong with any of these)

If a speaker's recording volume is capping out, resulting in popping and clicking, gradually lower their Amplification.

If somebody sounds like a robot, or they're sound is cutting out, either raise Default Jitter Buffer (individual basis instead of global might be cool) or output delay or the speaker's Audio Per Packet, whichever would be best.

Thanks for reading!

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