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We need more people to do testing on our 1.2.0 snapshots, many use it already but we receive very little feedback.

So if you want to help us a lot get a current 1.2.0 snapshot and launch it, it will tell you for what functionality we require your feedback (positive or negative).

I cannot make it clear enough how important this feedback is for the future development of mumble. For example if we do not get feedback about our new DirectX 10 overlay code we will not be able to include it in Mumble 1.2.0 once it gets released .


So if you have the hardware please grab a DX10 demo/game and test it with the current snapshot, especially if you have ATI hardware, we don't have DX10 capable ATI hardware ourselves in the dev team


Please report negative as well as positive results here in the forums (or on IRC/mail). Be sure to mention what snapshot version you used exactly (this is displayed in mumble's title-bar) and your hardware + software setup.

So if you want to contribute to this project this is one of the easiest way to do so. We are looking forward to your feedback.

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hay, ok, it is a little bit late, but I hope I can help you with always posting some feedbacks about the snapshots. The main problem is: my english is very bad xD I don't know if you will always understand what I mean... But I think I can give it a try.

But one question: should I post my feedback in this forum? Because I can see nobody reporting something in this thread. And can I use pictures like screenshots or manupulated pictures of mumble to show waht I mean? (I think pictures are a more safe way to communicate then my bad english xD)



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