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Suggestion: Easy Whisper


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I thought about a feature that would be very nice to have. I often find myself wanting to whisper to another user. Right now, every time I want to do this I must go to the options and change the list of users for the whisper hotkey. As you can imagine, this is time consuming and I lose the other users I had in the list. If I don't want to lose them, I must define a different shortcut for every user I want to whisper to. And in that case, it's impossible to remember which shortcut is for which user. So I end up not bothering at all; I almost never use the whisper feature because of this. The current behavior assumes I always want to whisper to the same person.

It would be much nicer if I could just right-click on a username in Mumble and select an "add to whisper group" option, and a new "whisper to group" shortcut would send my voice only to users I added to the whisper group. A window below the user-view or chat-view could list all users currently in the whisper group, and I could remove entries from there just as easy with right-click->remove without the need to go to Mumble's settings.

What do you guys think?

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