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Creating a web client to avoid a program installation


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I'm french, and as you know frenchies are so good with english so please don't be too hard on me when reading this...

I'm a developper and some friends of mine and me are looking for a way to have voice chat when we are at work. Unfortunatly the 2 others can't install mumble on their computer due to security policy in their compagnies. So i was wondering if there was any plan to port the current client to a web language such as java or flash ? This way there wouldn't be any need for an installation on the user computer.

If there was no project to do this, i'd like to give it a try. I just had a very little discussion about it on the IRC chan and some people told me it was impossible to achieve a client with those technologies but they didn't give any reason about it, just said : "It's impossible".

So if i'm not asking too much i'd like to talk about it with somebody who is closer to the project.

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What’s so web about Java? That it can be run from within the browser?

In the end it will be as powerful as an installed program, so security-wise … Well, that’s not what you asked for :P

I already referenced you to libmumble and uMumble on IRC, so here as links:


https://github.com/pcgod/mumble-android (Java)


These may give you an idea of what you would have to do. Maybe you can even use libmumble.

If you really want to do a client, I’d try to use libmumble. Anything missing, you could improve the lib and thus contribute to its development while you’re at it anyway.

Kinda embed-native-code-into-java-webstart.

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Hi there,

I know this is a 4 years old topic but it came up first in my Google search so I assume there is nothing more recent.

I'm also interesting in a web-based mumble client, mostly for Chrome OS (chromebooks' OS) and I know that it is now possible and not so complicated to do that using Dart or HTML5.

Is there any project around that going around? Anyone can give me a clue on how to get such a project starting?


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