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Need help compiling the LOTRO plugin


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Is there anyone out there who can give me a hand by compiling a new version of the LOTRO positional audio plugin? The current version no longer works in the current LOTRO versions. I have update the plugin with new addresses but I am out of my depth in getting it to compile. The sticking point seems to be the second of the include statements.


#include "../mumble_plugin_win32.h"
#include <QtCore/QtCore>


I am really happy to take on the testing of the plugin but it looks like days of work to figure out how to include the Qt framework for a 5 sec compile.

If anyone would be happy to take the source code from me and send back a dll I would love to get this working again.

Also; is there an easy way to stop the "old" plugin from being downloaded over the one I want to test locally? Every time Mumble loaded it was getting the old version from the internet until I used my firewall to stop it.

Many thanks

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Thanks for taking a look.

If the second include isn't required then I have a bigger problem as I tried compiling without it and I got a plugin that was c15kb compared to the current c20kb and crashed Mumble. I am really no programmer and had hoped that I could get by with just updating the memory addresses, but it looks like I'm out of luck.

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Thanks for the help. I now have the plugin running with Mumble and it is linking to the game correctly so I can start some proper testing. I seem to be getting reasonable value from MumlePAHelper so I just need to do some real in-game testing and then work out how to submit the plugin :)

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