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so ive noticed after the past few weeks since my wow guild switched to mumble it seems to conflict with silverlight. the main problem is that when mumble is open silverlight does not load videos on netflix. If i close mumble then reload the page it works fine. If i am watching netflix then open mumble it works fine until i leave the site. once i come back to the site it does not work again until I close mumble. I do not know of any other sites to test this with so I'm going off of just netflix. If anyone knows of any solutions or anything please let me know. I am on windows xp sp2, 4gb ram.

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Also, try the release candidate.

but the live messenger is a wpf app which shouldn't load the overlay in the snapshots :)

pcgod: and silverlight?

Kissaki: afaik silverlight also uses the wpf dlls


I'm not familair with netflix.

Is there a link you could give us so we could check it?


works for me,

no overlay, no issues.

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