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Wiki access and Centos 5.4 Mumble installation guide


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How can i get access to the wiki so that I can provide instructions for installation on centos 5.4 for you all to use?

Here's the process for installing on Centos 5.4, using the init script and config from a mandriva rpm and the 1.2.2 static binary release:


yum install lzma

cd ~/downloads
cd ~/install

lzcat ../downloads/murmur-static_x86-1.2.2.tar.lzma | tar -xf -
cp murmur-static_x86-1.2.2/murmur.x86 /usr/sbin/murmurd

rpm2cpio ../downloads/mumble-server-1.2.2-1mdv2010.1.x86_64.rpm > file.lzma
lzma -d file.lzma
mkdir mumble-rpm
cd mumble-rpm
cpio -imv --make-directories < ../file
rm ../file

cp etc/mumble-server.ini /etc
cp etc/rc.d/init.d/mumble-server /etc/rc.d/init.d
chmod a+x /etc/rc.d/init.d/mumble-server

groupadd -g 4000 mumble-server
useradd -g 4000 -G mumble-server -s /sbin/nologin -d / -M mumble-server
mkdir /var/lib/mumble-server
chown mumble-server:mumble-server /var/lib/mumble-server
mkdir /var/log/mumble-server
chown mumble-server:mumble-server /var/log/mumble-server
vim /etc/rc.d/init.d/mumble-server

Change all occurrences of 'gprintf' to 'printf'

service mumble-server start
chkconfig --add mumble-server
chkconfig --level 3 mumble-server on


Hope this helps someone.

I'd prefer it if someone could create an RPM for centos, with deps, but this works for me for now.

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You can request access to the Wiki via a "normal" user request. The link for that are normally in the upper right corner of the wiki pages.

Please be aware that the front page of the wiki seams to be protected and doesn't show the login. Any other page will do.

If you want to create a new page simply add the desired URL after the wiki host name in the browser.

But be warned, the wiki (to me) is a pain in the neck. It is so slow that my guess it it runs eater on do0t or slicer's iPhone or on both as a distributed application. Especially when it comes to pictures. I once had in my mind to do a German translation to some of the pages but gave up since it already did cost me a lot of nerves to edit. :oops:

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I have create rpm for CentOS what will combile only server, not client. To get server combiled was already a packet hell and client would have been even more.

I based my rpm .spec file to mandriva .spec, iirc..

If someone is going to do what I did, don't bother. You need to rebuild lot of packets and port some packets from fedora what is not available for centos to get even server combile.

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