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I'm desperately trying to figure out how to activate mumble on the World of Tanks game. 
I activated the option, launched mumble with administrator rights. (I have the latest version of mumble) 
But that doesn't change anything, the overlay doesn't work.
 How to solve this problem ?? 
please help me
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So by enable you mean the ingame Overlay?

First and foremost, does it work in other games? Did you verify it is not an issue with enabling it, and white or blacklist? To verify, if you use blacklist it should show anywhere it technically could.

The overlay injects into the rendering pipeline; namely Direct3D or OpenGL. More info on our docs page. So first, it depends on what World of Tanks uses. Do you know or can check what it uses?

Some games also seem to use non-expected states or orders of rendering pipeline setup and execution or similar - I was never able to go for an analytical deep dive, but that was my impression. So this may be the case for World of Tanks.

If you want to help find the issue a developer/debug console would show more information about overlay setup, and playing a file called debugoverlay next to the exe would yield yet more information messages being.

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