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Mumble kills Visual Studio 2010


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I'm having a strange issue here: whenever I start Mumble, my Visual Studio becomes unusable. It's as if someone's stealing CPU time from it - the welcome page will not load, double-clicking on a file in solution explorer doesn't get the code window opened, the menu bar will not switch to include the "Refactor, Project, Build" menus but stays as it was during startup and so on.

This only happens with Visual Studio 2010, for some reason Visual Studio 2008 works just fine.

Anyone else observed this?

Visual Studio 2010 uses WPF for its UI, which is rendered via D3D9. Could it be that Mumble is trying to add its channel overlay to Visual Studio or something?

I tried running another WPF application, but that one works fine...

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Retested with 1.2.3-rc1-42-g35cba04:

There's a definitive improvement, Visual Studio starts up fine roughly 50% of the time and then seems to work ok (no more hanging windows and non-updating toolbars). Maybe another, possibly unrelated issue?

Thanks for looking into it, good work! :)

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