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Failed to set initial capabilities


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Hi there,

I wonder if someone would help me out here with a Mumble server:

Server description & set-up

Server is Debian Squeeze, non-free repos enabled.

Linux  a31 2.6.32-cgmemcap #1 SMP Sat Dec 18 17:53:37 CET 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Installed using : apt-get install mumble-server

All dependencies are met/installed as per the mumble-server package on Debian. (I checked by hand with dpkg).

dpkg-reconfigure mumble-server, was run and super user was set-up.

Server runs, and user can connect and grant ACL to account. All is well.

Problem: restarting server /etc/init.d/mumble-server restart, results in this error:

Failed to set initial capabilities

Additionally, several settings in the /etc/mumble-server.ini are not honoured, like:-


At least it never prompted for one.

Here are the log entries from shutdown to restart:

<W>2010-12-29 22:38:37.570 Shutting down
<W>2010-12-29 22:38:37.571 MurmurIce: Shutdown complete
Failed to set initial capabilities
<W>2010-12-29 22:38:37.606 Initializing settings from /etc/mumble-server.ini (basepath /etc)
<W>2010-12-29 22:38:37.606 Binding to address
<C>2010-12-29 22:38:37.608 Successfully switched to uid 105
<C>2010-12-29 22:38:37.608 Failed to set initial capabilities
<W>2010-12-29 22:38:37.612 ServerDB: Openend SQLite database /var/lib/mumble-server/mumble-server.sqlite
<W>2010-12-29 22:38:37.615 Resource limits were 0 0
<C>2010-12-29 22:38:37.615 Failed to set priority limits.
<C>2010-12-29 22:38:37.615 Failed to set final capabilities
<W>2010-12-29 22:38:37.617 DBus registration succeeded
<W>2010-12-29 22:38:37.618 MurmurIce: Endpoint "tcp -h -p 6502" running
<W>2010-12-29 22:38:37.667 Murmur 1.2.2 (1.2.2-5) running on X11: Debian GNU/Linux testing (squeeze): Booting servers
<W>2010-12-29 22:38:37.671 1 => Server listening on
<W>2010-12-29 22:38:37.675 1 => Announcing server via bonjour
<W>2010-12-29 22:38:37.678 1 => Not registering server as public


How could I enable the password, and what action should I take to sort out the Failed to set initial capabilities (or least what does this really mean)?

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When logging in to an existing account you are not required to enter the server pw.

Furthermore, if you entered the server password it is (AFAIK) saved in the server->access tokens list, so you will only have to enter it once.

Check with a new password and a non-registered username if it does not ask for a pw.

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