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Is there a good guide for best practices when starting a murmur server?


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I've just set up murmur as a mumble server for my Minecraft Server.  The guides to set it up were fine, there's lots out there, but I don't yet understand how I should administrate this.  Is there some sort of guide/documentation for basic best practices?  This is a simple setup for a minecraft server with ~10 players, and right now I'm the only admin.  I am not requiring a password or anything, and anyone can register, because this is basically so obscure I'm not super worried.  I also only have a self-signed SSL cert right now, and due to the way the hosting is setup, the port block I am limited to is strange so it's running on a weird port.


I registered my account, then logged in as SuperUser and added myself to admins.  Past that, I've created a couple of channels and that's it.


Just because it's running and working though doesn't mean I understand what I'm doing, and I haven't found much guidance yet other than getting it powered on and connecting.  Any help would be appreciated!

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The best place to start is on our wiki under the Server section:




The ACL and Groups section will be pertinent to securing or hardening your server, if required. When I set up a server for the first time, there was a guide I followed that is a similar tutorial to this one since I didn't want people who came in to have the ability to talk in a "landing" room:




Hopefully these resources will help. 🙂

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