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How to set up my own server?


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I'm not a software developer/programmer (becoming one, however), and I have not found any tutorials or guides on how to set up my own Mumble server.

I'm not entirely new at this but I'm definitely not experienced either.

If someone could do a step-by-step guide on how to set up a Mumble server, it would be greatly appreciated!

(Bear in mind, I have no clue as to what to do right now.)

Thanks for reading!


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Oh, that was silly! :P

OS: Windows XP Professional

Browser: Mozilla Firefox (just in case...)

Router: Thomsom-Alcatal TG585v7

I -do- have administrative rights for the computer, and I know how to forward ports on my router (full access, too).

And I just realized that the client program is "Mumble" and that the server program is "Murmur".

Doh. "Mumble.ini"...

That was pretty dumb by me, hahah, Sorry!

Problem solved, pretty much!

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