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Mumble won't start. Win Xp


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Got problem. My mumble won't start. Im using Win XP Pro.

I got fresh system formated today. I had Mumble run once just after installation and done Audio Wizard, all was working fine and i spoke with my friends. Then I done restart and Mumble wont start again. On process list I see it for very short time and than disappears. Tried uninstall and reinstall, I tried 1.2.2 and 1.2.3.

Before I formated my system I was using Mumble for some time (1.2.2). Never had problem like this. Mumble (Backwards Compatible) works fine.

I have Win XP SP3. All updates done through Windows Update page. I did not change any hardware. Only thing that can be different from previous system is drivers.

Is it possible that Mumble have problem with my sound card drivers? (But it worked first time :( )

I hope there is a solution.

Thanks in advance.

/edit: I found on other topic pplz got some console.txt. I got no such file on my hdd. I got no windows displaying when i try to run Mumble.

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