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Mumble mutes players in L4D2


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On my Win7 64x I'm running murmur so that I can play L4D2 (installed via Steam) with a handful of friends. The setup is like this:


- Left4Dead



We have all set up voice activation for own channel and a whisper button to talk to parental channel and all subchannels. It worked fine a week ago, but last night something was changed. While chatting we could all hear each other but when we started up L4D2 some players were mutually muted. Some players went through fine to everybody else and could hear all others, but some others could not hear some other players who could also not hear them. Yes, it seems confusing, but say that player A could hear all and all could hear player A. Player B could not hear player C and player C could not hear player B. Well, not 100% muted because they could be heard very faintly when all else was silent. The lips did not change their colors when talking (both with push-to-talk and voice activated).

We tried the following: Restarting Mumble. Restarting murmur and mumble. Restarting PC. Restarting router and mumble. Before launching L4D2, mumble worked fine, but it repeated itself every time L4D2 came into the picture. In the end we gave up and used skype instead.

I should mention that I use mumble on another server when playing WoW and have never experienced problems. I'm aware that it may be an issue with L4D2, but I was still hoping that I could find some help in here...

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