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Plugin functionality: Automatic room changes


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In a nutshell, what about some basic support/integration for server and team-specific channels? This would help people who use Mumble to play on public servers together.


  • Plugins can extract the server-name (or IP) and "team" number that the user currently has inside a given game.
  • There is no new "back-channel" information sent to the server, as with positional data.
  • Mumble is configured with a location, consisting of a given Mumble server and "base" channel.
  • The plugin periodically checks the server/team information for the current user.
  • Whenever the user's server/team information changes, the client joins an appropriately-named sub-channel relative to the configured "base" channel. (ex: Root/GameName/server_1.2.3.4/team_1)
  • Plugins can return a "blank" server or team for single player/loading-screens, which causes them to hop into the base channel.


While this would not prevent users from deliberately joining into a channel to listen on the enemy team, it would be very useful for groups of players who want to play together but maintain a tactical experience.


Alternate implementation:


  • Plugins sends game/IP/team information to server periodically
  • Some sort of server-side configuration handles placing the user into the correct channel.

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