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I used an image on my system and lost my certificate and noticed we are suppose to save them oh well. I made a new one, but I cant enter a saved server I know and used to log in. Im on with my android but is there a way to get back from pc. thanks in advance

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If the server only accepts users with a known certificate, then you will not be able to connect until an admin adds your new cert to the whitelist.


However I assume that in your case you have been registered on that server with your old cert and are now connecting with your new one using the same username. That won't work. You'll have to pick a different (unregistered) name in order to connect.

If you want your old name back, you'll have to ask the admin to delete the registration for that name for you.

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Issue resolved, the admin bin'ed the old certificate and all is back as it should be. I think the certificate is a bit over the top for security maybe an alternative method of verification could be devised in the future. Also I lost the option to choose my push to talk button besides the native square 😞 I prefer the crtl key 😞

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