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All audio disappears randomly


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Hello all.

The problem is that when I'm connected to a server, all audio disappears, both ways. Nobody can hear me, I can't hear anyone. It happens after a while when connected to the server, usually 2-4 minutes, sometimes as long as 30 minutes. There is nothing happening when it happens. All other audio works well. Also I can't see if anyone is speaking nor can they see me (the talking icons/overlay). The server is running 1.2.2, I have tested a little bit with another server as well and it seems to happen there also. When the problem started, I was running 1.2.2 (Win 7) and after I reinstalled that a couple times, I switched to see if 1.2.3rc helps, and I've been trying with that since. I also updated audio drivers after the problem first happened (Realtek HD). Before, mumble worked normally. The only thing that was changed was that I broke my microphone and bought a new one. Immediately after that this started, which makes no sense as I just replaced normal 3.5mm jack microphone with another one and the new one works perfectly well with other programs (Skype,TS3). I also have disabled my modem firewall and reconfigured my PC firewall. Someone in IRC suggested disabling QoS, which I did, but to no effect.

Here is a link to some log files, during which the problem has occured many times (maybe 5 or so). Sorry for the spam there which was from my net going down.

If there are any other details which might help with the problem, I'd be happy to try and gather whatever info is needed.

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