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Mumble without Certificates


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Is it possible to configure a 1.2.X server to not use certificate authentication?

If not in 1.2.X, is there an earlier version of Mumble/Murmur where I could disable certificates?

I understand the importance of certificates with regards to security, but I'm operating on an isolated LAN and certificates are hindering some of the things I'd like to do.

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You don’t need certificates at all, even though Murmur continuously uses them.

If your certificate is not registered yet on the server, you can log in as any user and if that account is already there and has a password you are asked for the password.

If you successfully log in and have a certificate the account will be given your cert. On a following login your cert will be used. A different user may still log in though with that account name and the password. If he has a cert as well it will get updated again for that account.

You can also use an Ice callback to not use certificates at all. For (python) examples see and for doc

You can use a client without a certificate. If no client has a certificate, well, Murmur won’t store certs neither.

Ofc you can then not register users via the client. But a simple Webinterface or script will allow you to register ppl, add accounts.

Maybe you could provide more information on your environment, on why you want to not use certs at all?

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