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[Solved] Delay a channel


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Is it possible to create a listen-only channel that is 90 seconds delayed?

The reason I want this: I am watching TF2 matches; most of the time, Source TV has a delay of 90 seconds. So listening to the players makes no sense, as what they talk about is not what you see... :-)

However, if they're audio signal was delayed for the same time, it would sync again.

Is this possible somehow? If not directly in Mumble, can it be done with a plugin? Or perhaps using Audacity?



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The stable, "canonical" version of that script is in dd0t's link.

I also have compiled versions available from http://frymaster.127001.org/mumble/ - some of the python dependancies can be a bit annoying, especially on windows or older versions of ubuntu, and if there's any updates they are likely to appear there first before being integrated into the official repository

feel free to PM me if you have any issues, or if you have any feedback, or leave a post at http://etf2l.org/forum/general/topic-8630/?recent=150313

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