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Ventrilo phantom & PTT Advanced analog?


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Question for y'all that I haven't tracked down...

For my WoW guild, we leveraged Ventrilo phantoms in an Officer-only channel, combined with a secondary key-bind that triggered PTT for that other channel, regardless of what channel we were in.

In other words: A phantom in Channel B could be created, allowing you to listen into Channel B regardless of whatever channel you were currently occupying. PTT Key 1 would transmit to your current channel, where PTT Key 2 would transmit to Channel B.

Is there any way to do that in Mumble/Murmur?



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I would love to hear other solutions, but I did this by doing a whisper shortcut.

I use two buttons on my mouse for mumble. One is normal push to talk. The other I set to whisper a channel. I set the channel to my root channel and tell it to whisper sub channels only. Then I set it to on send to a certain group (my officer group). This seems to work for me, but if there was another solution I'd love to hear it.

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