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Mumble 1.2.3 RC2 stops streaming correctly after awhile


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I am a complete newbie as far as Mumble / Murmur are concerned. I experimented yesterday, for the first time, with using the Mumble system to stream audio from a software defined radio (a QS1R ), which worked nicely most of the time. I had people from various places around the world, listen to my stream and they said it sounded excellent.

I used Mumble 1.2.3 RC2.

However, after 15 to 120 minutes, the mumble client running on the "radio receiver" computer started to do, what sounded to me like continually repeating one buffer of data. The seemed to occur rather randomly. Opening the advanced input settings and pushing the apply button was enough to "fix" the problem for awhile. This occurred several times.

The computer running the radio receiver software (SDRMAXIV Beta 1 Server), VAC (version 4.10), Mumble and Murmur was a FIT-PC2i (a tiny 2GHz Atom Z550 computer) with Windows 7 Professional.

The other problem I ran into is that the latency is little bit too high, but I haven't done a lot of experimenting with configurations and changing of priorities, yet.


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