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How can I set normal users to be unable to mute Admin-users?

Meaning, no-one in the channel who hasnt self-muted hes headphones, couldnt unhear what Admin speaks.

Or is it even possible? Im not sure, I did try find information about it, but im kind of new in Mumble admin thingys even after three months :D

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Humm, forgive me my retardness, but I cant find that option.

In ACL I only found "Mute/Deafen"

And that doesnt affect anyone in anyway :D or im doing it wrong.

I added that rule to ROOT-channel, and all channels inherited it, but normal user can still mute/deafen/whatever

I dunno how its supposed to work ... also im not sure if i even did it right :D


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So how can I set my Mumble so that no-one can Local Mute anyone?

I still havent figured it out. Web-panel has only one action related to this, "Mute / Deafen" and options for it Deny or Allow.

I made New Rule for the ROOT-channel, that had only the Deny for that action, and made the rule to be inherited to every channel and their sub-channels.

Am i doing it wrong? It doesnt work :/

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You can't deny local mute because it's, as the name says, local to the client. The server doesn't know anything about it and it's not really useful... you can't prevent someone from muting his audio output everytime someone talks...

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