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no, i tried that. And I do aplogize,

No, it still did not let me in. I even removed it and re-installed it, and still would not let me in. I actully had to re-install Ubuntu and then I would only have one chance at it. If I closed it, it would not re-open. If this helps any.

Now I have 2 problems.

1. the PTT is not direct audio, but only comes out of my speakers, and the "off" tone does not get broadcasted, becasue it too is only coming out of the speaker. This off tone is very important in the radio world, because this release the channel for others to talk.

It was ingenious that they put this feature on, and it needs to work correctly.

2. I cannot navigate to other rooms once I connect. I must close, then re-open.

I will re-post this properly though.

I know it is not a huge issue, the PTT should be direct audio, and work correctly.

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