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generic "always on" over lay?


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hey, I've got a game that the overlay simply doesn't show up in. unfortunately this is kinda a niche title and not likely to get addressed with a specific fix.

(the game in question is called Pandora Saga)

it seems like the problem is that mumble simply isn't detecting that this title is something it should display the overlay in, I tried adding it to the overlay white list in the new client but that didn't work.

so, yeah, I got a kinda "alternative" fix in mind: is there some way to get mumbles overlay to show up all the time as an overlay on the whole desktop? that way if we have got a problem with the overlay screwing up when it tries to pop up on a specific window we can just set it to overlay on the desktop and then run the program in full screen windowed mode (set the program to run in windowed mode but with the same resolution as the desktop).

kinda back-asswords, I know, but using mumble without being able to see who is talking is a real bitch and running the mumble window on top of a game is intrusive.

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