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Keyboard lag??


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I am using Mumble 1.2.3 on Windows xp.

The moment i start using Mumble in combination with World of Warcraft i get keyboard lag.

Moving forward or sideways with my mouse works fine, however the moment i use my keyboard keys to move, it doesnt stop moving the moment i stop pushing the button.

If i hold down the forward key for say 10 sec. the avatar will keep on moving an extra 10 sec.

I tried 2 other keyboards (usb and wired) same story.

The moment i close down Mumble its fine again.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Yes tried both, doesn't change a thing.

However if i start up Mumble then WoW and go back to my desktop and hit ctrl, alt, del once and return to the game its gone.

So problem is partially solved, would like to know though what this could be.

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