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I've been having a problem with Mumble in conjunction with use of the Steam/Valve game Team Fortress 2 and I was hoping to get some help.

Whenever I am in Mumble and I play TF2, specifically when I join a TF2 server, the volume of other users' voices in Mumble drops very far down. Perhaps to 50% or so of normal volume. My outgoing volume remains the same.

I have checked my attenuation settings and there is nothing there to indicate that there has been a change in my settings. The problem does not seem to happen with other games; just with Team Fortress 2. I have also checked my TF2 sound settings and I can't find anything there to indicate a problem either.

The issue did not always happen. It started after I installed a Mumble update some months ago; I can't remember which version.

So far, the only way that I can get the Mumble volume to return to normal is to minimize the game, exit the Mumble channel, actually close Mumble itself and reopen it. Of course, this becomes quite a hassle.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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