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Web browsers stop working when Mumble client is open.


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I have tried Mumble client





whenever i join the server My web browsers both Google Chrome and Internet explorer do not work. They open but will not load web pages giving an error message.

The internet connection stays open as i can hear people talking on Mumble and my modem has an active internet connect. also the EVE client i run stays open and connected to the internet.

I have tried everything i have enabled mumble access through all levels of firewall i have uninstalled and re-installed mi;lions of times i have rebooted the modem and tried it with no firewall what so ever but nothing works.

Can anyone help ?



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Chrome's error 105 seems to be net:: ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED.

It doesn't make sense that Mumble would interfere with your ability to resolve hostnames. A shot-in-the-dark suggestion would be to try to disable QoS in your Mumble client. It's in Configure -> Settings -> Network. "Use Quality of Service". Uncheck it and restart your client.

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