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Murmur Linux issues


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I am running a murmur server on a Linux VPS. I am having a major issue with it.

I have used it on a personal linux box before without any issues. This one has a serious problem. When I run it and try to connect its not refelected in the server until a minute or 2 later, By then I have already been disconnected from the server.

Then I wait an additional 1-2 minutes to see that appear in the console. What is the issue? nothing has changed from the default configuration and it keeps happening.

I believe I am running openSuse 11.1 x64. Please help

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Thanks for the help but I think I traced the source of the issue to my VPS host. They weren't proving the amount of ram like they claimed during peak hours. Running Murmur, tf2, and minecraft on the same box was too much for the small amount of ram.

I changed to a new host and murmur is working perfectly. Thanks for the help!

And just for fun to answer your question, I am using the download on the front page, not apt-get

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