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a long shot, but worth a try...


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hey guys,

i'm running mumble on windows 7. the past few days i've had real problems with my mic - having to exit mumble and return, then the mic works. i'm using a logitech USB headset.

now last night, restart didn't fix it. so i thought the mic was dead - so plugged in my brothers astrals, they worked =] went afk, moved up to talk a while later and again, not working.

i decided to go buy a new mic. that didn't work either. so i plugged back in the old one. i can hear sound through the headset, so i'm thinking the problem isn't the mic. however, i'm not sure if it's mumble either. when i try go to control panel, and try to set up mic, there's nothing there either. but in contradiction of that it didn't work for the astral headset, yet it did work temporarily in mumble.

i've checked all sound drivers are up to date, which they are. i paid for a hardware helper! :|

i'm not very techy, so please keep that in mind if anyone is kind enough to offer help ;)

thanks very much.

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