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Hi there,

first off, thanks to the team for a great app! :D

I'm using 1.2.2 on WinXP at present, and I've noticed that when using Push-To-Talk, my mic is kept open for 5 seconds or so after I let go of the PTT key.

I'd like it to close the mic (stop transmitting) the instant I let go of the key, how do I achieve this?

I've had a good look around the settings and cannot find anything that addresses this.

Also, have you guys noticed the bugs with the shortcuts?

1) If I create a "Join Channel" button, I cannot set which channel to join ("Data" column cannot be activated), rendering the function useless

2) If I make "Volume up"/"down" keys, I have to be VERY lucky to change the volume level. Going back in and looking at the slider, I'd say it works 10% of the time, and apparently only up, not down.

I should mention that I have searched the FAQ and these boards before posting. And regarding the shortcuts, my friends are seeing the exact same issues - so I'm pretty sure the problem is not with my install.

Any and all help appreciated! 8-)

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Mumble does not keep the Mic open after you let go of PTT. Maybe you are doubletapping it (which locks it on)?

About the bugs:

1) Yeah. That's more of a usability issue we didn't work out yet. Currently you have to create a second shortcut with a whisper to a channel (can be the same key as the join channel). Once you press both(/it) you'll be moved to the corresponding channel.

2) I wasn't aware of that. I'll try to reproduce it and if it is indeed a bug then we'll fix it.

Thanks for your feedback.

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Thanks for the reply, dd0t. Nope, I'm well aware of the doubletap function, and that's not what's happening.

After some further testing, I realized that it does not do this every time. It's more apparent when making really short utterances. If I speak for a longer while, the likelihood of Mumble immediately closing the connection (lips going dark) goes up, it seems. It makes kissaki's suggestion:


Does the "voice hold" also influence push-to-talk? maybe? :)


...sound kind of likely to me, but perhaps you can shoot that down?

Thanks for the tip on the "Join Channel" workaround, I'll try that until you get it fixed.

Still keen to hear more about the "mic staying open"-issue. :)

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The Voice hold value has no influence when your are using Push-to-talk mode, it is only used in Voice Activation mode. So what you are seeing here is a bit funny. Are you sure you are transmitting after you release the button? The lips shouldn't lag behind though, unless my memory fails me the lips of your avatar are triggered locally instead of being based on server information.

Do you have any special input devices (maybe a fancy keyboard?)? If yes try updating the drivers. Unfortunately I'm not able to reproduce the issue :-(

I was able to reproduce the Volume bug though. I'll see to it that this gets fixed till the next stable.

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good stuff about the Volume 8-)

And I have good news about the other issue (transmit off delay). I had just installed a USB bluetooth interface, and was using a BT headset for communication.

However, I was convinced this was not at the heart of the issue because it was just another soundcard to choose from, and the client should not act differently for different soundcards (black box).

I'm sure you'll correct me if this theory is flawed ;)

I did also test by switching to my regular soundcard and restarting Mumble, and the issue persisted.

However, after a reboot, the issue appears to be gone. So, apparently the driver install had some effects that managed to reach inside the Mumble client for some mystical reason. That it was working before a reboot (although with side effects) added to the confusion.

In summary, I'm sorry if I've wasted some of your time with this - I'm an IT professional and really should remember to reboot before reporting errors. However, I had my reasons as noted above.

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