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I am experiencing an odd problem I hope someone can help me solve. I have a mumble server running through mmo-mumble.com. I have two new users who can hear each other and they can hear me, however I cannot hear them. I have them registered (which means they are part of the @auth group as I understand it). I am part of the @admin group.

I have other users (registered prior to these two, also part of the @auth group) on this same server who can hear me and I can hear them just fine. I have tried talking with the two new users in multiple channels as well as in the root channel, but nothing changes. I do not even see their icon change/light up when they talk, though they see each other's icons change, and they see mine when I talk to them. I just never see theirs change. I can hear the Text-to-Speech server tell me when they mute and unmute themselves, so I know they are connected properly and working correctly and their permissions are correct. So why can I not hear them?

I have not done anything unique with the ACLs (at least that I am aware of) that would cause this, I have created no other @groups, and while I have lots of sub-channels, I have them inheriting all the ACLs from the root channel -- I have not created any room-specialized ACLs at this point. So what am I missing?

Any hints, tips, or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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