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Hello, After thoroughly searching your forums, I have not been able to find a post that answers my question. I registered on a mumble server, but have the need to change my name. I don't mind re registering, however I have been unable to. I have uninstalled the program, erased the %appdata%/mumble/ folder, yet no matter what name i type into the Username: field when reentering the server's info, no change is yielded. This leads me to a few questions.

1.) How is Mumble recognizing my connection after I purge everything Mumble related from my computer and reinstall? Does Mumble hide more information on my computer than I've been deleting?

2.) I realize an Admin can change my username, however I have been unable to reach one. Is there any method of changing my username without involving an admin?

3.) This question is unnecessary, but I figure I would ask it anyway: What is the logic behind such difficulty of changing one's Mumble username? Would Mumble be able to recognize my connection if I reformat my hard drive? If no, why is Mumble hiding information on my computer after I tell the program to uninstall? If yes, what information is being stored on the Mumble server that allows it to recognize a (for all intensive purposes) new computer with no history of Mumble use. With Skype, Ventrillo, or most(all?) other VoIP services, changing ones username may require re registering, but has an obvious path towards completion, I can't be the only one frustrated from this level of difficulty and tedium involved with this process.

Again, question 3 is more or less a venting of frustration. As I know from experience, a companies greatest asset is an intelligent customer who is willing to convey their aggravations.

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Some answers to your questions:

1.) Mumble also save its settings to the registry. So, there could be something left.

2.) Try this. Add the server to your favorites and use you right mouse button to edit the entry. This way you can edit you username.

3.) More then one question, but let me state it as follows. All most all program leave something in the registry after they have been uninstalled. And changing the username is not as difficult as it seems, IMHO.

BTW, if you want to keep your old username, ask the server admin to remove your registration. Then you can re-register with you new certificate.

Computer specs: AMD FX-8320, 8GB DDR3-SDRAM, AMD Radeon HD 7950, Asus Xonar D1, Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit/Debian Jessie AMD64.

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I'm really sorry to dredge up an old post, but this really shouldn't be so difficult; the Mumble client hides some configuration locally, either in the registry or some other hidden location. Most uninstall programs allow you to completely remove the application including configuration items, but Mumble does not, and thus prevents any way of changing the user name that you are signing in with ever. If somebody knows where on the client side this information is kept, it would be great if it were, oh I don't know, DOCUMENTED somewhere. Man, and I thought that Ventrilo was the worst UX I had experienced - Mumble has certainly taught me the error of that line of thought.

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