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[SOLVED] turn off Murmur server information


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Hello reader(s),

I would like to turn off the information that Murmur sends to the client about what operating system the server is running on and which version. This seems a huge security hole to me. Sadly enough I couldnt find a way to turn this off or to spoof it.

How to remove/disable this "feature"?

Thanks in advance.

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Add the following line to your murmur.ini to stop sending this information.


Computer specs: AMD FX-8320, 8GB DDR3-SDRAM, AMD Radeon HD 7950, Asus Xonar D1, Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit/Debian Jessie AMD64.

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Just to go on the record:


In my opinion they should set "sendversion" on "false" by default.

TBH, I don't see the real issue. If anything, it'd be fake security by very weak obscurity, since there are a good number of other ways for OS profiling. In addition, most vulnerabilities result from services (as opposed to the OS proper), and those aren't exposed by murmur.

It's a bit like attempting to secure a WLAN by disabling SSID broadcasts. Spoiler: it doesn't work :P

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