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We moved from ventrilo to mumble about 2 months ago and really like it. A lot better features.

There is however 1 feature I haven`t seen in mumble yet.

If it is there please show me , If not I will like to request it.


It a simple auto connecetion link from a webpage to your mumble server.

Ventrilo's one helped us a lot. New member downloaded vent and clicked on the weblink and entered there username and the were on the server. We then guided them thru the push to talk setup.

Info on how the links are made are on the bottem of http://www.ventrilo.com/setup.php

The basic of it that mumble will add a host in the user C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\host file that redirects the link from a webpage to mumble and mumble reads the link info.

I have seen on a Windows 7 Quick connect that it connects me to. Any idea to edit this?


Nevermind i figured it out. This works after username has been set.


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