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Snapshot: Win 0434d8 and OSX 243f5c


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me and some friends of mine are now testing the Snapshot and think it will help you if we tell you everything we think and which possible problems/bugs we finde and so on.

1. If you try to send an image it will be konvertet to a text. The text limit in mumble is 5000. Now Mumble say, the text is to long. This is a very confusing error message. Possible fixes in my opinion: Decrease the maximum sixe for this images to 4 kb, or give mumble a special rule for seperating Text and Image in the Check for the Textlimit, or increase the textlimit if the user try to send an image.

2. In this "Bug" we are not sure if it realy is a possible security problem, or it just look like it could be. In The Log-Window now the Names are linked to a User. If you now copy his name from the log window in the "display" from the "Send Message"-Dialog and switch to the "Source Text" you can get the Client ID. We do not know, if you can abuse it in some way, but if possible this seams to be a little bit unsecure.

3. The linked names also have the problem: icf you send some one a link the name from this person will not be linked to the user.

4. Some suggestions:

4.1. The linked user names seams to be used the most time to improve the useability of the Chatbar, so it will be nice, if you klick on the name you directly will "jump" to the chatbar to write to this person.

4.2. The Buttons in the "Display" of the "Send Message" could also be under the chatbar like the buttons in a forum for the BB-Codes.

4.3. Some of my friends think it should be possible to get the ip an port in one step. Best solution in my opinion: a Text-Field With this informations in the formate mumble://user@ip:port for copy&paste above the Root channel.

4.4. Jumplist-Support for Win-7 is nice, but options like "Mute" and "Deafen" are more intresting then the last Servers Connectet to.

4.5. Keep on this great work.

5. A suggestion my friends want me to tell you, I think it is... don't know how to say it with my limited vocabulary, so read your self I think you will understand what I mean: A clock in the Gameoverlay. I said this in a joke after I played 2 houres longer then I decided before playing and now my friends want this feature I just told them as a Joke...

6. Bug I find by writing this Text. If I paste it (this Text) in the "Display" and send it, it will appear in his Client completly in html (icluding the "Client-ID-Bug", so, completly everything he get in this message is in html). Possible reasons (I can not check in this moment) could be: The Text is not very short, he is using Mac... Also if it is the Mac it have do do something with the size of this Text, because short messages looks normal.

And a Little Question, where should I post the reviews of the Snapshots, they are not just bug reports, or feature request

GZ and a happy new year,

ponpat and friends

PS: 10ms CELT now works with no problems, but sometimes if the ma-cuser starts speaking the beginning or ending sounds a little bit like a triangel for some milliseconds.

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