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Configuring ACLs in release 1.3


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Hi all,


I'm trying to set up a Mumble Server 1.3 (the version that's shipped in Debian Buster) and having some fun and games with setting up ACLs.  In particular, I'm trying to follow this guide: https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/ACL_and_Groups.


I want to set up a channel where only authorised people can transmit to the channel.  I've set a superuser password, but having hunted high and low in the Mumble client, and even trying to start it on the command line, I have not been able to enter that password in to gain superuser privileges.  There doesn't seem to be anything in the configuration file or on the CLI either.  Can anyone point me the way for configuring this?



Stuart Longland

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You can connect as SuperUser from the UI as well. You only have to make sure you are using that exact nickname ("SuperUser) when connecting to your server. Once you specify that nickname, you can either type the password in the additional Password field (that only shows in that case) or you can connect to the server, wait until the connection will be aborted and type in the password in the prompt that shows up then.

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