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it is possible in the "welcome message"to place a picture?


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I could be that the figure format you are using for the picture is not loaded by mumble. Try a different format, like svg, png or gif.

Computer specs: AMD FX-8320, 8GB DDR3-SDRAM, AMD Radeon HD 7950, Asus Xonar D1, Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit/Debian Jessie AMD64.

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i am using the linux version of murmur (in the last snapshot i found each week)

i am using last develloper version of windows mumble client. (but i try with the last stable version)

and i use this tags in the welcome message

< img src = http://www.myserver.com/myimage.png>
< img src = http://www.myserver.com/myimage.gif>


it's so frustrating to find that opensource image format don't display and that closed image format display well.

then unfortunately danielwar, use gif format to use animage in the welcome message.

ps : i forgot to test svg image.

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You can embed a picture even without a webserver.

Use the base64 encoded format. To get the "encoded" data, embed your picture temporarily into your channel-comment or user-comment, then copy the part

<img src="%2F9hAAAAAXNSR0IArs4c6QAAAAZiS0dE%20AP8A%2FwD%2FoL2nkwAAAAlwSFlzAAAN1wAADdcBQiibeAAAAAd0SU1FB9oKEBYmMe9zhgsAAAIp%20SURBVDjLpZM7a1RRFIW%2F88hk5joKmfGFEzWNTBHUykYl2PhAC4ugIrFIQEGDSmwkIBb%2BBZso%20ggQR0lgqBiwEEQJWgqKN4APJZGKMkMzjzr3nYXEn3okRC93VYZ%2B99ll7nb0EIPi38AD6%2BdPh%20nQMH%2Bl6BUEIIv6bKJynvdFOIBGR9XNtenthXrVbr%2BtHjd8uHDm7b9Dvw42fB5ENJqwVDZxy7%20%2B1tpUyt%2BrJzl1NSH2CPDTvDLGcngkEIp6C15Ri4pZivppMZSU0olI0gpvTVEWpMFmP8G18YV%20I%2BcsVy46AIoFyOXSB5zzBEFgAXQ%2Bn1fWE%2Bn25b1JRZCD0QupHGdPuVXjRZFrhWEoAWQcxyqO%20bAxgreDJtOTkCUub4R%2FDWIdzTgBIY4xaUXquCt8XYXf%2F3%2F9PSR%2FEcZwwyGazyhgrAGKTFOTz%20qwGzFcGnL6JDA6e89wmDMAyz1iYNdvR6tm6B6WdpcbMpuH5Tc%2F%2BB%2BpXr0rJbKZUD0FrrLilV%20xloJwK0blrFxzWxFUujxvH4j2LAexi47jEka64wOhBAbgXkJBM51r1uqKZZqir17FJN3oVxW%209BQUV0cld26DEIrluma5rgnDTOb44V1HAHSxmC00W90Zny4ahQKcHiSxiYd6Q64R8tjR8vkX%20M5UJvbmY73v7fmEuipxLXeJd2DSm7RgBUK%2B14s4GC4t112g0BkSpVBr23u8HhPfeACtrLdqO%20a0i5ikGtw8Ff%2Bd%2F4Cboi35ufhLxzAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC"/>


from the source view into your welcometext.

For this example the yellow comment icon (as png) is used.

Another method is

<img src='http://yourserver.tld/image.png'>

. To be able to see the picture the "Don't download embedded image files"-Option in Network-Settings must not be enabled.

Both methods work fine on our server, with png and jpeg.

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