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I've gone through the ACL tutorial and done some other reading but I just don't grok it all well enough to reason this setup out.

Currently I have a group of users added to an officers group. We've all setup a binding that that shouts to the root channel but only to the officers group.

This allows us to speak and hear each other regardless of what channel any of us are in. The problem here is that if there is conversation going on in the "local"

channel that each person is in, then it all turns into unintelligible jumble of conversations. Ideally when one of the officers used their "officer binding" it would squelch

other incoming audio from whatever channel they are in while the other officer is talking. While I've seen some similar setups to this on a more localized setting (a couple linked/grouped channels) I'm not sure if this is really doable currently on the more "global" scale. While achieving this sort of setup server wide would be nice, I'd settle for localizing it

to the group of channels we use when grouping with other members. Specifically what I'm looking to do is have our officers be able to speak to the entire group with their standard PTT button, and then speak only to (and hear only) officers with a separate binding. I'm not sure if this is currently possible just with some clever ACL tricks or if it would require code changes. I'm not averse to trying to write this feature if that's what it takes, but I wanted to see if this could be done with current features first.

Thanks in advance.

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The only way to selectively lower volume etc is priority speaker. You'd have to make every officer a priority speaker so on the client side when your other local ppl talk their volume is reduced when another officer talks. (I'm not 100% sure this works. But that's how it should work.)

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